Privacy policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Jorakay Corporation Company Limited and its affiliate companies (which is to be addressed as “the Company”) has emphasized on the importance of personal information protection of its job applicants (“You” or “Applicant”) and will strictly uphold the right to privacy of applicants. Therefore the Company issues this personal information protection policy to announce its guideline on data collection, objectives of data collection, and data access of related staff (all together called “data processing”), concerning various personnel during recruiting process including other related processes during employment, and the rightful owner of data, and to ensure confidences that all applicants’ information are protected including related persons, and to comply with personal information security standard that is lawfully protected by Personal Information Protection Act BE 2562 (2019).

The Company realizes the responsibility in storing your personal information, which you offer our company with full trust to be used specifically for recruiting reason. The Company will store, use, and disclose your given information as explained here later. You should carefully look through this. If you give us your personal information as well as others’ information and/or your referee (third party) to the Company, we presume your agreement to allow us to collect, use, and disclose in the manner stated in this privacy policy. Please refrain from giving your information to the Company. However without such information or you decline to give us certain information, it might affect the Company to be unable to process further to achieve in parts or totally as stated in this privacy statement policy. The Company might no be able to process your job application or offer you an employment. If you are under 20 years of age, you ought to obtain parental consent or guardian consent in submitting your personal information before applying for our internship.

1. Definition

  1. “ The Company ” refers to Jorakay Corporation Company Limited and its affiliate companies.
  2. “ You or Applicant ” refers to job or intern applicant.
  3. “ Personal Information ” refers to information about person which make it possible to identify a person, directly or indirectly as stated by law.
  4. “ Sensitive Personal Data ” refers to personal information which requires special protection.

It needs additional security in collecting, using, and disclosing this type of information such as information on race, ethnicity, political standpoint, personal belief on cults and religion, sexual orientation, criminal record, health record, disability, labor union membership, genetic and biological information.

2. Personal Information Collection

  1. 2.1 Information nominated on application form feature
    1. (1) Information appeared on documents you submit to the Company such as Resumé/Curriculum Vitae (CV), cover letter of an application, comments on recruitment.
    2. (2) Information about you such as first name, last name, gender, date of birth, weight, height, citizen ID number or passport number, blood type, nationality, religion, marital status.
    3. (3) Your contact details such as address, e-mail address, telephone number, and social media information.
    4. (4) Work condition such as whether one can work upcountry or desired prospect work location.
    5. (5) Information of your spouse, offspring, and parents such as first name, last name, citizen ID number, date of birth, nationality, blood type, education, address, and telephone number.
    6. (6) Information about your family members or your dependants.
    7. (7) Photographs and video
    8. (8) Information on education, ability and skill, and potential development, and other qualities of you such as education level, qualification, university/education institute, education history, training history, education results, test results, legal right to work, professional qualification, language ability, and other abilities and references you offer to the Company.
    9. (9) Information on your past work experience and past employment such as position, former employer details, renumeration and welfare.
    10. (10) Information on the desired prospect work location.
    11. (11) Information on military obligation status.
    12. (12) Ability to operate vehicle
    13. (13) Details of reference person, and details of next of kin or emergency contact.
  2. 2.2 Information on your aptitude test such as habits, behaviors, attitude, aptitude, skill, leadership, teamworking, emotional quotient, all of which comes from corporate observation and analysis during your participation of corporate activities.
  3. 2.3 Essential information for reporting to monitoring agencies such as Ministry of Labor
  4. 2.4 Information we collected from you such as any information you give to the Company, information you inform the Company during job interview, your test information, and information you give during your participation with corporate activities.
  5. 2.5 Information you choose to share and disclose via system, application, tool, questionnaire, and other services of the Company.
  6. 2.6 Documents that can be used to identify you such as documents and/or their copies that government or private agencies issue such as citizen identity card, house registration, driving license, passport, certificate, certificate of graduation, and transcript.
  7. 2.7 Other information deemed essential for recruiting and selecting employee and intern students, internship contract execution, welfare benefit provision, corporate analysis and management, and other legal compliances.
  8. 2.8 For interns, there are additional information collection such as
    1. (1) Information on parents or guardians including first name, last name, address, telephone or mobile phone numbers.
    2. (2) bank account details for remuneration.
    3. (3) Characteristics and Information from internship such as traits, behavior, attitude, aptitude, skill, leadership, teamworking, emotional quotient, discipline, and others including time log and internship duration for internship assessment.
    4. (4) Other information such as details of referee.
  9. 2.9 In the event that you are chosen for employment, we will collect more information as stated in employee privacy policy.

3. Senstive Personal Information

  1. 3.1 The company might be required to collect and process your sensitive personal information for the use according to the objectives stated in this privacy policy.
  2. 3.2 The Company might require to process your sensitive personal information in these events;
    1. (1) Health information such as body weight, height, medical condition, color blindness, basic medical examination result, food allergy, drug allergy, blood type, medical opinion, medical history for labor protection, professional aptitude assessment including any other legal compliance.
    2. (2) Biometric data such as finger print scan, facial simulated image for your identification and crime protection, and for protection of lawful benefits of the Company and other individuals.
    3. (3) Criminal record information for recruitment consideration and operation, and for protection of lawful benefits of the Company and other individuals.
    4. (4) Personal belief of sects of religion, philosophy, ethnicity, nationality, disability, labor union information, genetic information, biological information in order to accommodate and facilitate activities and provide suitable welfare for employees. This further includes the use for administering equal treatment for employee according to human right principle, and other sensitive personal information for other legal purposes such as to prevent or deter any threats to life, body, or health of individuals. In case you cannot consent to this public disclosure with your clear consent, for legal right to demand, to attain the objective of labor protection, social security, and employee welfare.
  3. 3.3 In certain necessity, the Company will only process your sensitive personal information with your clear consent or with other lawful purpose. Nonetheless, the Company will utmost attempt to provide sufficient information security in order to protect your sensitive personal information.
  4. 3.4 Criminal record information, which will only be collected from evidence you provide or you agree to be examined from agencies with authority, while the Company will provide information security as law requires.

4. Cookies Usage Policy

  1. The Company uses Cookies to collect personal information as stated in Cookies Usage Policy

5. Objectives of Personal Information Collection

  1. 5.1 To be used to process your request in applying for a job with the Company such as a normal process of recruitment, qualification check before signing employing contract including the compliance with internship agreement, internship remuneration, and other welfare and benefits from work.
  2. 5.2 For the lawful benefit from the Company and other individuals such as analyzing and creating database, managing and improving employee recruiting process, evaluating internship, communicating news on job positions, drafting internship or employment contracts in case you are recruited, and claiming legal right.
  3. 5.3 To protect and deter threats to life, body, or health of you and other individuals such as your emergency contact, control and protection of communicable decease.
  4. 5.4 To allow us to comply with the law such as regular compliances to various statutory laws.
  5. 5.5 For the necessity to perform legal duty for public good of the Company or to perform the legal duty of the Company.
  6. 5.6 To attain objectives of your given consent such as your consent to submit job application or internship application to the Company.

6. Personal Information Disclosure

  1. 6.1 The Company might disclose your personal information only by these ser objectives and by the legal criteria to individuals or agencies as followed.
    1. (1) The affiliate company to efficient and proper management process, this includes their executives, board members, employees, and/or internal personnel of the aforementioned affiliate, and according to the necessity of information process of your personal information.
    2. (2) Trade partners, service providers, and assigned or hired personal information processors who manage/ process personal information for the Company in offering various services such as annual employee health checks provided by business partner, information technology service, data record service, payment service, postal service, parcel service, printing service, health service, insurance service, training service, data analysis service, research service, marketing service, or any other service that might benefit you or relate to Company’s operation such as commercial bank, hospital, life insurance company, insurance company or company’s consultants such as legal consultants, lawyers, certified professional accountants or any other experts from within the Company or from outside.
    3. (3) Government agencies who perform their duty and authority by law or those requesting personal information disclosure by legal authority, or that related to legal procedure, or those granted permission by law such as Department of Labor Protection and Welfare, Department of Labor Development, Department of Skill Development, Security and Exchange Committee Thailand, Stock Exchange of Thailand and its affiliate companies, Office of the Personal Data Protection Committee, Office of Trade Competition Committee, Royal Thai Police, Office of Attorney General, Court of Justice, and Legal Execution Department, and so on.
    4. (4) Customers, clients, trade partners, business partners of the Company that you contact or relate to your job position or other individuals or unit performing similar functions that you consent to disclose your personal information to.
  2. 6.2 The disclosure of your personal information to other individuals will be executed under the stated objectives or other objectives permitted by law. In case that the law requires your consent, the Company will request your consent prior to execution.
  3. 6.3 In the event that your personal information is disclosed to others, the Company will provide a suitable measure to protect the disclosed personal information, and to comply the standard and duty of protecting personal information according to Personal Data Protection Law.

7. The Export or Transfer Personal Information to Abroad

  1. 7.1 The Company might send or transfer your personal information to its affiliate companies or other party abroad in case it is required so to uphold the agreement with you, or as a part of commitment set by agreement between the Company with other individuals or legal entities for your benefit or as a part of commitment according to your request before entering the agreement, or to protect or deter threat to life, body, and health of you or other individuals, or to comply with legal requirement, or to act necessarily on mission of public interest.
  2. 7.2 The Company might store your information on computer service or cloud provided by other party, and use program or application of other parties in form of software service and platform in processing your personal information. But the Company will no allow other unrelated party to access personal information, and will require such third party to provide suitable information security measure.
  3. 7.3 In case that the Company sends or transfer your personal information abroad, the Company will ensure that the destined organization or individuals will have sufficient personal information protection measure or ensure that the transferred information complies with Personal Data Protection Law. In certain cases, the Company might ask for your consent in sending or transferring your personal information to abroad.

8. Security Measure for Personal Information

  1. 8.1 Your personal information security is important to the Company and the Company has brought in suitable security techniques and management to protect personal information from loss, or unauthorized access or disclosure, misuse of information, alteration, and technological elimination; and security protocol such as encryption and authentication to ensure that only authorized persons can access your personal information, and these individuals are trained to realize the importance of personal information protection.
  2. 8.2 The Company will provide suitable security measure to prevent loss, access, use, change, alteration, or disclosure of any personal information from unauthorized source, and will provide reconsideration of such measures when there is necessity or technologies chance to maintain suitable level of security efficiency.

9. Personal Information Collection

  1. 9.1 The Company will collect and store your personal information as long as it needs to achieve purposes according to each collecting action and type, except a law allows it to keep longer. In case that the length of information storing is not clearly specified by law, the Company will store the information by the general standard collection period (such as the general maximum legal prescription is 10 years)
  2. 9.2 The period that the Company will keep your personal information may vary to different processing activities.
  3. 9.3 The Company might store your personal information after completing its consideration for that application, and potentially use to consider and contact you in case there is other position the Company deems suitable for you in due time, in order to attain objective of job or internship application. And in case that you do not wish the Company to save this personal information for later use for other position, you can contact the Company via the information given below of this Privacy Policy Statement.
  4. 9.4 In case you are selected for employment or internship, the Company will keep your personal information as long as it needs to attain the key purpose of your employment and internship.
  5. 9.5 In case the Company decides to use your personal information by requesting your consent, the Company will process the requested personal information until you inform us to cancel your consent, and the Company will then complete your request. However the Company will keep your personal information as long as it needs to record that you already cancel your consent, so it can later response to your request in future.
  6. 9.6 The Company arranges to have a monitoring system to process on deleting or destroying personal information record, when the time limit passes or it becomes irrelevant, or it already surpasses the key objective of that personal information collection.

10. The right of The Owner of Personal Information

  1. You have a full legal right according to Personal Data Protection Law as followed.
    1. (1) You can cancel your consent given to us in processing your personal information.
    2. (2) You can request to inspect and copy parts of your personal information or request to disclose or release the source of your personal information.
    3. (3) You can send or transfer your personal information that exists in electronic form as Personal Data Protection Law states to other personal information controller.
    4. (4) You can choose to object information collection, usage, or disclosure of your personal information.
    5. (5) You can choose to delete or destroy or anonymization of your personal information.
    6. (6) You can halt usage of your personal information.
    7. (7) You can correct your personal information to update, complete, or prevent misunderstanding.
    8. (8) You can file a complaint to Personal Data Protection Committee in case that we or our personal information processor including our staff or commissioned third party or personal information processor violates or fail to comply with Personal Data Protection Law.

However, the Company will take consideration and inform the result of your request to exercise your right as possible within 30 days since the request is officially received, and the aforementioned right is as stated in Personal Data Protection Law.

11. Consent Request and Repercussion of Refusal to Consent on Personal Information

  1. 11.1 In case that we collect and process your personal information by your consent, you have a right to withdraw such a given consent to us at all time. This withdraw will not affect the collection, usage, disclosure, or processing of your personal information that you prior consented.
  2. 11.2 If you withdraw your given consent to the Company or refuse to give certain information, this might have impact that the Company cannot operate further to partly or entirely to fulfill the objectives as stated in this Privacy Policy.
  3. 11.3 In case the Company needs to obtain others’ consents, you certify that you are authorized to act upon in a place of the original owner of such personal information in acknowledging this Privacy Policy, and in granting consent to the Company in processing personal information.

12. Changes in Privacy Policy

  1. The Company reserves the right to change and improve Personal Information Protection Policy to fit its own judgement, and you can examine our latest Personal Information Protection Policy from our website.

13. Channels to Contact The Company

  1. In case you have further questions or wish you ask for more questions and details on your personal information protection, collection, usage, or disclosure, you can exercise your right or file your complain via these channels.
  2. 13.1 Personal Information Controller – Jorakay Corporation Company Limited Contact address – 10 Krungthepkreetha road, Thapchang, Saphansung District, Bangkok 10250
  3. 13.2 In case you wish to ask further on personal information protection, please contact tel. 0-2720-1000 or e-mail :

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